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Focus On Your Website's Content and Images

Why It’s Important to Focus On Your Website’s Content and Images

Abracadabra! It takes less then two seconds to say that out loud. Even so, it takes less than two-tenths of a second for an online visitor to form an opinion of your company once they’ve scanned your business website. That’s a very short window to creating a good first impression.

Since many people use search engines to find a product or service they need, your site has to be capable of grabbing and keeping their attention, especially if you want to bring in new leads. So, how do you get their attention and hold on to it so that they don’t hit that backspace key?

You’ll want to focus on your website’s content and images. Providing great content and awesome images will draw people in. Moreover, engaging text and pics will convince clients why they should choose you to take their business to.

Below is why it’s so important to focus on your website’s content and images:

Quality Content

Why It’s Important to Focus On Your Website’s Content and Images - content

The focus of your web design must make key information visible to visitors. Remember your readers are looking for information, so the quality of the text you include on your website must be of the highest. Your website is not the place for misspellings, too much slang, or fragmented sentences.

All copy should be written accurately and with good grammar so that it is easier to read. You’ll want to break up your page’s content into small sections of information. A good way of doing this is to incorporate the use of bullet points and headings. This will make your copy easy for readers to scan and digest.

Hopefully you’ve done your research and know who your target persona is, what their likes and dislikes are, what interests them and what problems they face so you can help make a difference or alleviate. You’ll want to incorporate these important elements throughout your website’s content including them in your blog posts, guides, webinars and videos.

Your text should not only draw attention to your area of expertise, but should also include high-quality photography that clearly “tells” customers visually what you do.


Why It’s Important to Focus On Your Website’s Content and Images - Photography

Your copy alone won’t be enough. No matter how high the quality of your informational text is or how accurate your strategies you think you have, your website won’t read well without dynamic photography.

Include engaging photos for the eyes to scan through. People are overloaded with information as it is and won’t want to read a full page of text, much less have the time to.

Don’t forget your staff. Your potential clients will want to get familiar with the faces of the people who will work with them. Try to use inspiring photographs of your staff as well as high-quality pictures of your space to put on your website. Use pictures that capture your staff at work: inside the office, during meetings, etc.

By using relevant visuals you’re allowing customers a good look inside your company’s brand. Satisfy their curiosities of what they can expect and let them know they’re welcome to reach out to you.

While professional photography should be your first choice over stock, it may not always be realistic to get high quality pictures right away. If you can’t get your hands on quality photos, then go ahead with stock photography. Just make sure they’re high quality.

Of course, you’ll want to stay away from fake-looking stock photography that presents unrealistic images of your brand. You don’t want to be deceitful and use pics that aren’t even in your space. All photography has to feel natural, not staged.

Final Words

Focus on your website’s content. Really take the time to tell readers what makes your brand unique. This should be visible on your primary sections of your website as well as woven into blog posts, offers, lists and guides that are easy to understand.

Your website should clearly tell who you are, what you do and how your service is different from your competitors.

Keep your content clear and photos engaging so you can keep their attention and build a relationship.

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