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Running Facebook Ads and My Dog Lucca

Now, I know what you’re thinking after reading this title. What the pup does Lucca have to do with websites or running Facebook ads? Where’s the usual info on Facebook advertising or marketing stuff?  Nothing much right now, but if you stick with me, I promise I’ll make the connection clear.

The back story…

My dog Lucca is amazing. He’s a superstar runner at our dog park we used to frequent before quarantine. We’re not taking any chances right now. While housebound and staying safe at home, I know he misses that place. Just to see the joy in his face each time we visit there, running and getting everyone amped up. Dogs love chasing after him while the rest of us stand back and appreciate the race.

Lucca is unbelievably fast! No kidding, every time we open the gate it’s like releasing a greyhound at a dog race.  No  one ever seems to catch up.

He can’t be cornered either.  When anyone tries to, they always fail. He’d pivot and fake with expertise, (like Kobe B. used to, RIP) leaving every dog in the dust.

Until that fateful day…

Lucca was known for his speed until one fateful day he met two mini Afghan-looking dogs. You know the breed, long white hair with a black, narrow face? The owner told us that even though they look Afghan, they were in fact not. Their breed was of Chinese origin, and…I don’t remember the name.

I admit her dogs were cute, but they were pure evil.

Like bullies, they’d run ahead of Lucca solely for the pure enjoyment to bark at his face. Any efforts to outrun them were useless. He tried his best to get away many times, pivoting as usual but even that didn’t work. Lucca was stopped and cornered too many times. They just seemed to be everywhere he turned.

He ran hard around the dog park that day, but eventually tired out and laid his head down to a much deserved rest. The two bullies stood over him and fiercely continued to bark…such a spectacle.

They formed the perfect Facebook marketing audience…

Meanwhile, it was hard not noticing these dogs had everyone’s attention. “Whose dogs are those? They’re so fast! What kind of dogs are they? Where did you find them?” Such the impression those two made.

In my mind, their speed and bullying caused a major marketing stir. They were so perfectly unassuming that had they of given away cheesy novelty items like LED doggie bandannas on the spot, they would’ve cleaned house. These little guys didn’t even know they were so ahead of their game!

The connection with running Facebook ads…

I kid you not. Lucca running with those pups at the dog park is just like running Facebook ads. That’s what Facebook advertising can do for small businesses, (as long as campaigns are run correctly). 😉Running Facebook ads bring attention to businesses and gives smaller companies that competitive advantage.

If you know what you’re doing, marketing with Facebook is a worthy advertising investment. Small businesses can yield a better ROI compared to traditional marketing methods AND do not need a massive spending budget.

Nope. You don’t have to have deep pockets like large scale businesses to do well with Facebook advertising. Just like those two mini dogs that ran ahead of Lucca, small businesses running Facebook ads can edge ahead past their much larger competition.

Facebook advertising’s reach…

In addition, Facebook’s powerful targeting feature enables small businesses to reach niche audiences that are likely to convert. Very specific and often motivated segments of your audience are targeted based on their demographics, interests, behaviors and more.

What if you wanted to advertise a dog business you just started? Imagine reaching new dog owners who are interested in the health of their pup’s first year?! You can even layer targeting options to tap into their interests so that your ads get right in front of them…kind of like those two dogs that got in Lucca’s face.

As a result, the rate of converting prospects into leads increases when you’re niche targeting with Facebook ads. With so much potential reach, Facebook levels the playing ground and lets the little guy come out ahead.

Great branding with Facebook advertising

If these dogs launched a branding video ad of what happened that day, I know that ad campaign would take off.

I bet you everyone in the park remembered them. In fact, there was this one gentleman who enjoyed them so much that he inquired on how to get a pup of his very own! He was sold!

Admittedly they were super cute and kind of fun to look at. They stole the hearts of many watching from the dog park that day.

That would’ve been great branding, right? So many people wanted to learn more.

These dogs found a very interested audience and made a great first impression. People engaged with them and would definitely remember them fondly.

If they were my Facebook advertising clients…

Now, if I landed the opportunity to spearhead their Facebook marketing campaign, I’d be all over it.

In fact, I could totally see the ads now. We’d start running Facebook ads by offering free give-aways, like reports, or ebooks all while using strong headlines like:

  • “Avoid plaque and brush your dog’s teeth with this organic homemade toothpaste recipe!”
  • “Get your dog to exercise more and live a long healthy life with this all-natural vitamin supplement!”
  • “Feed your dog this for boundless energy and vitality!”
  • “Find out what is added to our dog food that keeps our minds and bodies in shape to dominate our dog park!” (ok, you get the point)

I would target dog lovers looking for helpful information on their pup’s health. I’ll find dog owners who want to make life for their four legged friend just a little better.

While running Facebook ads, make sure you…

  •  create something exciting, you can get people engaged on learning more about who you are as a brand.
  • give clients advice on how to solve a problem, or how to improve their lives. You can make real connections with your customers and earn their trust.
  • know who your customers are. That way you can target your ads directly to them. Reach those who are more likely to do business with you, so that later down the funnel there’d be an opportunity to offer a discount on your product or service that earns you a customer.

Bottom Line with running Facebook Ads…

By running Facebook ads, you can earn prospects, nurture customer relationships and convert leads effectively.

One of the best advantages to Facebook advertising is that it’s not a billboard for people to drive past and forget. People are home right now due to the quarantine. Now is the time to reach your potential clients, while they’re looking for a distraction from all of this.

Make meaningful connections with people and they will like you, then eventually they will trust you. The key thing to remember is this, if they trust you they will want to buy from you.

The possibilities with running Facebook ads are endless.

I know. You might be thinking, “But I’m a small company, so I don’t stand a chance against the big guys.

Well, remember those little doggies? That’s how it is with Facebook marketing.  Running Facebook ads empowers small businesses.  Even with limited budgets for advertising, smaller companies with properly run campaigns can effectively compete against much larger companies with a bottomless ad allowance. Did I mention how unassuming those dogs were? 🙂

As long as your Facebook marketing team determines who your audience is, gives them what they want, and builds an effective strategy that converts…the size of your company doesn’t really matter.

With all the powerful targeting options available on Facebook, business owners can reach their precise audience with opportunities to really connect with customers.

A smart Facebook campaign helps develop customer relationships and build brand loyalty. Even with a lesser budget, Facebook advertising levels the playground for small and larger businesses to market directly to their audience.

My dog is an awesome runner…I think we’re awesome at what we do too. If you want to read more on what Facebook ads can do for your local business, read this.

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